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About Us/Club Mission
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The Four Seasons Miata Club Mission

Owning and driving a Miata is one of life's great pleasures, and adding the company and camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts greatly enhances the experience. The Four Seasons Miata club's mission is to help you join the fun as we all enjoy the beauty of the Hudson Valley and surrounding country from the seat of a very special little roadster AND with some very special people!

...and a little about the founders....

In late 2001 the founders of this club, Ronnie, Lee, Angela and Kevin  formed this club to share our enthusiasm, technical knowledge, urge to discover twisties, and enjoy the pleasure of our roadster.  We decided that there should be no club rules, no dues and no prerequisites to join this club.  We look forward to another great season of Miata-comraderie and great riding!

This picture was taken at Tapoco Lodge at the 'Gap' in North Carolina in July 2002.