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The 4 Seasons Miata Club cars:


Owner:  Ronnie
Car Name: Mitee 1
Color/Year: Starlight Blue Mica/1996M
Mods: JR Supercharger, Borla Exhaust, JR Sway Bars, Koni Shocks, Rear Lip Spoiler, Mud Guards, Front Air Dam, Brainstorm Powder Black Rollbar, strut tower brace, Toyo T1's
Future Mods: Header

Mitee 1 Homepage

Mitee 1 vanity plate appears on Tail of the Dragon here!


Owner:  Bob Hotaling
'4SeaonsMiataClub Honorary Member'
Color/Year:  Merlot Mica/1995 M


Owner: Warren and Marion
Color/Year:  Smurf Blue/1990


Owner:  Steve & Laura
Car Name:  'Jack'
Color/Year:  Pirate Tooth Black/1997
Mods: Tis a secret Matey


Owner:  Brian and Jean
Car Name: Blue Fangster 
Color/Year: Stratos Blue / 2003 Special Edition 
Mods: I got a new hat!


Owner:   Tom


Owner:  Dennis &  Donna
Car Name: Buggs
Color/Year: Blaze Yellow /2002 Special Ed.
Mods: Borla Exhaust, Super BFD Sway Bars, Boss Frog Dual Hoop Roll Bars, DJ-O Custom Cold Air Intake w/K&N filter, Toyo T1's
Future Mods: Anything to blow lil brothers doors off!



Owner:   Lee
Car Name: Lee's Merlot
Color/Year: Merlot Mica/1995M
Mods: Borla Exhaust, Supercharger, Header, Rear Lip Spoiler, Mud Guards, Rag Top/Glass Window, Front Air Dam, Rear Skirt, Strut Tower Brace, Sway Bars, Eibach lowering springs, Tokico Shocks
Future Mods:  Rollbar


Owner:  Elena and Ray
Car Name:  Spanky II
Color/Year:  Red/1996
Mods: Jackson Racing Sway Bars, Strut Bar brace, front & rear chassis brace, stainless steel brake lines, Borbet Wheels, front spoiler, Borla Exhaust
Future Mods: 


Owner:  Dennis and Janette
Car Name:  Silverback
Color/Year:  BRG Special Edition/01
Mods:  Exhaust System, sway bars, mud guards,
Brainstorm Rollbar with wind block, Header, lowering
Future Mods:  I'm sure Dennis will think of something!


Owner:  Gary and Suzanne
Car Name:  
Color/Year:  White/1990


Owner:  Jonathon
Year/Color:  2001/Green


Owner:  Karen